Last Status Update (Probably)

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2011 by nessgrh

Time flies by … I feel like I just started hyperexpand() yesterday (not quite actually; but you get the idea *g*). I’ve been moving around this week, so I wasn’t terribly productive so far. I did, however, compute (reasonably) neat representations for all the {}_pF_{p-1} in the hyperexpand() table. These examples demonstrate the kind of neat answers this can yield (compare to some of the examples from last week) [actually the tables contain some much more complicated functions, but I was not yet able to come up with interesting integrals that yield these answers *g*].

My final plan, beyond mere cleanup and bugfixing, is to do something along the way of simplifying convergence conditions. This won’t be anything fancy (I’m thinking of peep-hole optimisation); my goal is to make mess like the following somewhat less horrific. I hope to have a final pull request ready by sunday night. Then I will finally slow down and relax; work towards merging my branches; perhaps review some other GSOC pull requests.

Quite a summer.


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