Status Update – Week 2

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2011 by nessgrh

Since I have exams next week, my intention for this week was to clean up all the code I created so far and submit a pull request. So there is nothing particularly new or interesting. Let me still show off a few things:

  • Evaluation of upper and lower gamma functions at half integers.
  • I also put in hand-computed bases for all formulae. This the unhelpful example from last time now looks acceptable. In fact this one is a bit boring since I improved the code that matches implemented formulae against input parameters; the following is more realistic.
  • We fixed the performance problems mentioned last time. This entailed using an optimised function to create polynomials from expressions, and avoiding irrational coefficients.
  • I also added code to expand meijer G functions using slater’s theorem. That’s not the end of all wisdom, but it works reasonably well. Notice how in the last example there are gamma functions that could be simplified … this is something I will have to implement in future. In fact in this case running the entire result through simplify yields a nicer expression. But still not as nice as you can make it by hand … we’ll see.

So much for this week. Next week will be Tripos frenzy, and after that I will write code to integrate a product of two meijer G functions.


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